Not Just a Restaurant

Our food factory as the name suggests, is not just a common restaurant but a whole food solution organization aspiring to cater effectively & efficiently to its valued customer needs. We at food factory are always striving hard to come up with value preposition solutions to all the food needs along with our regular activities of food making, we also keep working on developing innovative recipes, unique spices, food products and ideas .

Immediately after starting our first restaurant in New Delhi we started sharing our concept with customers, friends & relatives and are working on creating chain of outlets which will not only sell our value added food items but also our related services like catering, cookery classes, membership schemes etc. and will also act as our exclusive retail outlets for various products like frozen foods, recipe spices, ready to look foods, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meets etc.

In our third growth stage we also plan to establish big banqueting facilities, production facilities & marketing facilities to provide our valued customer with cost advantages & low prices.

Our food factory is a novel concept of incorporating the needs of various segments of society into a marketable, value added solutions where in the focus is on quality, taste, low pricing freshness etc.