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  • Aaloo Naan

    Aaloo Naan


    Aloo naan is a very delicious and tasty twist to naan which is stuffed with spices and mashed potatoes. Aloo naan can be served by itself or any of the gravy based vegetable dish.

    It can generally be prepared in tandoor, stove and can also in oven or simply on a tawa.

  • Aaloo Paratha

    Aaloo Paratha


    Aaloo Paratha recipe is a Paratha stuffed with spiced aloo or potato mixture. The aaloo or mixture can be made as per the taste and flavor. The well-known dish of Punjab now, available at our food factory with a variety in parathas.

    Aaloo Paratha is accompanied with plain yogurt. It can also be served with mango pickle or lime pickle.

  • Butter Naan

    Butter Naan


    Butter naan is a rich and tasty roti of north Indian cuisine and always make a good pair with curries. And now the butter naan is also available at our food factory with a special variety.

  • Butter-Roti

    Butter Roti


    Butter roti is prepared by using whole wheat flour and can be eaten with any choice of dal, vegetable or curry dish. And now the butter roti is also available at our food factory with a wholesome of good ingredients.

  • Chicken Qeema Naan

    Chicken Qeema Naan

    5.00 out of 5

    The chicken Qeema naan is known to be as mouthwatering and delicious mince stuffing. Try out this dish at our food factory and enjoy hot with your entire family. Qeema Stuffed naan is too delightful to eat and is usually made with chicken inside the naan.

  • Corriander Chilley Garlic Paratha

    Corriander Ginger Chilley Paratha


    Coriander Ginger Chilly Paratha is now available at our food factory with a variety in spices and other healthy ingredients. The Paratha consist the combination of coriander, ginger and chilly.

  • Corriander Paratha

    Corriander Paratha


    The Coriander Paratha also known as the Hara Dhaniya Paratha is a simple and healthy Paratha that is enormously rich in fibre and required nutrients and now available at our food factory.

  • Garlic Naan

    Garlic Naan


    Garlic Naan is a quintessential Indian bread served in every Indian Eatery, big or small. Garlic Naan is heart-throb of million Indian Cuisine Lovers and now also available at our food factory cuisine.

  • Ginger Chgilley Corriander Garlic Naan

    Ginger Chilley Corriander Naan


    Butter Naan added with chopped ginger, chilley and garlic (

  • lacha-paratha

    Lacha Paratha


    Our food factory’s special Lacha Paratha is a popular Paratha from North India, made from whole wheat flour and also known as paratwala Paratha as in Punjabi parat means layer and layers can be seen on the Paratha when it gets cooked.

    This layered Paratha is quite appetizing to look at, and even more fascinating to bite into, because the layers separated by ghee gives a crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth texture.

  • Masala Lacha Khasta Paratha

    Masala Mix Paratha


    Our food factory’s Masala Mix Paratha is a flaky, crispy and delicious and is easy to make Paratha which is made by adding suitable masalas like ajwain, red chili powder, garam masala and salt while layering the regular wheat Paratha, the layering improves the flakiness and the masala gives it a very nice flavor.

  • Methi Paratha

    Methi Paratha


    Fenugreek/methi leaves is easily found in India and is often used in making lots of dishes one of them had been brought by our food factory in Bareilly named as methi Paratha.

    Methi Paratha or fenugreek flat bread is very healthy alternate to plain parathas and packed with more tastes and nutrition.

  • Missi Roti

    Missi Roti


    Missi roti is an Indian bread made with a mixture of wheat flour and gram flour and seasoned with the spices. Missi roti is usually ordered in restaurants along with Makhani dal and jeera aloo and now also available at our restaurant our food factory.

  • Panner Naan

    Paneer Naan


    Paneer Naan is prepared with maida and corn flour, stuffed with the delicious combination of cottage cheese and then served with the application of butter. Paneer naan is the delicious type of naan from the treasure of Indian roti recipes. Masala paneer naan is a flavorful stuffed naan with a filling of paneer, green chilies and coriander, masala paneer naan is indeed a dish that will set you apart and it cooks really well on a tawa without the need for a tandoor.

  • Paneer Paratha

    Paneer Paratha


    Paneer Paratha is one of the most famous Paratha varieties from Punjabi cuisine and now also available at our food factory. It is an all-time favorite Paratha of most of the people and is served in most restaurants as well as Punjabi dhabas.

  • Plain Naan

    Plain Naan


    Plain naan is a yummy and delicious form of Indian breads which is mostly served in Indian restaurants and now also available at our food factory. It is prepared from all-purpose flour and is good for health.

  • pudina naan

    Pudina Naan


    Pudina and Mint naan is a flavored naan, very fresh and healthy to eat. It is a very famous across Indian continent and Middle East and is now also available at our food factory. This twist on the classic Indian naan bread recipe is filled with mint, and milk and roast to its perfection.

    Perked up with a delectable pudina paste made of mint, cumin and other ingredients, naan turns into an appetizingly colored dish with an attractive flavor. Use butter rather than oil to brush the Pudina Naan while cooking, in order to get a rich aroma and ideal texture.

  • Roomali-roti

    Roomali Roti


    Our food factory’s Roomali roti is made from sticky dough made from whole wheat and refined flour, rolled out almost translucent and cooked on a griddle.

    The word roomali means handkerchief in Hindi , and the roomali roti means handkerchief bread due to the narrowness of the roti and served folded like handkerchief.

  • Tandoori Roti

    Tandoori Roti


    Tandoori roti is known to be the most popular bread of Indian cuisine and now also available at our food factory with a special variety. It is made from whole wheat flour (maida) and is prepared in a clay oven or tandoor.

  • Vegetable Mix Paratha

    Vegetable Mix Paratha


    Mixed vegetable Paratha is known to be a wholesome breakfast option of north India and is now available at our food factory, which is too tasty that it does not even require any side dish. Sprinkling a pinch of spices improves the taste of the parathas, while a spoon of butter further improves it flavors.