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  • Chicken Shawarma

    Chicken Shawarma


    Chicken Shawarma is the most popular Middle Eastern chicken dish and is incredibly aromatic and now available at food factory. The marinade is very quick to prepare and the chicken can be frozen in the marinade, and then defrosted prior to cooking. It is best cooked on the outdoor grill because the char grilled flavor enhances the flavor but it is still really delightful when cooked on the stove. Serve with a simple salad and flatbread lie out on a large platter and let your guests make their own wraps.

  • Finger Chips

    Finger Chips


    Finger chips are batons of deep-fried potato and are served hot, either soft or crispy, and usually eaten as part of lunch or dinner, or on their individual as a snack, and they usually appear on the menus of fast food restaurants and now it is available at Food Factory. Finger chips are normally salted and are often served with ketchup.

  • Fried Chicken

    Fried Chicken


    Fried chicken – a mouthwatering chicken dish consisting of chicken pieces frequently from broiler chickens which have been floured and battered and then pan-fried, deep fried, and pressure fried. The breading adds a crisp coating or crust to the external.

  • Fried Fish

    Fried Fish


    Our Food Factory’s Fish fry makes a great appetizer or a side meal. A humble vegetable salad or onion slices compliment the fish fry. Fried fish states to any fish or shellfish that has been ready by frying. Frequently, the fish is covered in batter, or flour, or herbs and spices beforehand being fried. It can be served as a side dish with any of the variety rice or with rice and rasam.

  • Kathi Roll

    Kathi Rolls (Paneer, Egg, Chicken, Mutton)


    Kathi roll also known as Kati roll. It is known to be the most popular dish of Kolkata cuisine and now also available at our food factory.

  • kebab roll

    Kebab Roll


    The word kebab is ultimately from Persian but originally meant fried meat, not grilled meat. This tasty dish is simply put together and actually mouthwatering. It is Kolkata/ Calcutta most popular dish and is frequently called the Calcutta Kati Roll. Spicy morsels of hot chicken are bound in Paratha that has been covered with egg! It is best, to certify smooth workflow, to variety the parathas and chutney compulsory for the rolls, already you arrange the chicken. That way, while the chicken is complete, all you must to do is assemble the rolls!

    Prepare chicken / mutton kebab and roll them in roomali roti adding some sliced onion & Our Food Factory special green chutney.

  • Mutton galawati kebab

    Mutton Galawati Kebab


    Mutton Galawati Kebab is a traditional Awadhi dish and is very popular in Lucknow and now also available at our food factory. The word or Galawati states melt in the mouth. According to an old saying Galawati Kebab was specially generated for the aging Asaf-ud-daulah, who had weak teeth but he was a meat lover. This dish is made up of minced mutton meat and hence does not require chewing.

  • Non Veg Burger

    Non Veg Burger


    Our food factory’s Non veg burger- a mouthwatering dish is mostly liked by the modern generation. A healthy and hygienic food prepared at food factory with the help of natural spices which are made by food factory of its own.

  • Veg Burger

    Veg Burger


    Our food factory’s veg burger – a yummy, mouthwatering and amazing taste of this burger now brings the customer satisfaction at our restaurant, and is prepared with a wholesome quality spices. It is a delicious combination of Indian aloo tikki and a soft bun which are put together with aloo tikki inside it and also the vegetables.