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  • Dakkhani Murgh Shorba

    Dakkhani Chicken Shorba


    Our food factory’s dakkhani chicken Shorba is one of the tasty and mouthwatering dish of Mughals. It is ready in ordinary chicken with addition sliced garlic, butter, white flour, and fresh cream etc. Must try this dish and relish with crispy bread.

  • Mutton Boti Shorba

    Mutton Boti Shorba


    Mutton boti shorba – a well-known dish of India made by food factory at Bareilly. Usually it is an Arab recipe but is common also in India. It is basically a special mutton soup with which you can have this shorba with roti. Shorba is known to be the perfect Ramzan recipe because it is basically a light mutton soup. If you break your fast with shorba then you will not have any indigestion or acidity problems.

    Add this delicious Mutton Shorba recipe in your diary so you can prepare it whenever you want to.