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  • Afghani Chicken

    Afghani Chicken


    Desires cannot be controlled, some persons eat to live and some of them live to eat, if you too belong to the concluding group then you must try this amazingly delicious dish which is known as Afghani Chicken. I bet you will all love this astonishing dish.
    We offered you this dish with a wholesome of natural ingredients and spices made by us at a very feasible rate as compared to other restaurants.

  • Afghani Fish Tikka

    Afghani Fish Tikka


    Afghani Fish Tikka is the most famous dish of Afghanistan and now also available at our food factory with a wide range of quality and affordable prices.

  • Angara (Tandoori) Chicken

    Angara (Tandoori) Chicken


    This Our Food Factories mouth-watering delightful chicken dish is well known as tandoori murghi and also known as tandoori chicken which is prepared in a tandoor known as clay oven in which the spice and yogurt marinated chicken or meat is grilled.

    Traditionally, in India, this dish is cooked in a tandoor, a type of clay oven that puts out extreme heat. The tandoor is used to make foods, whether it is chicken, beef or another dish like bread known as naan,
    This authentic dish of food factory is marinated in a tandoori masala or spice mixture which is made by food factory by its own.

  • Angara Fish Tikka

    Angara Fish Tikka


    Our food factory’s Angara fish tikka is an excellent evening appetizer to start the splendid evening dinner with family and friends. This dish is prepared at food factory with a wide variety of excellent spices.

  • Chicken Angara Tikka

    Chicken Angara Tikka


    Our food factory’s chicken angara tikka is an Indian recipe in which the chicken is flavored with yoghurt and spices, and then roasted. The term tikka states to the cut of meat, in this case sliced chicken fillets. It’s awesome and mouthwatering taste brings the customers satisfaction towards our food factory.

  • Chicken Garlic Tikka

    Chicken Garlic Tikka


    The procedure is same like Angara Chicken Tikka (http://ourfoodfactory.net/shop/tandoori-angara-snacks/chicken-angara-tikka/)

  • Chicken Ginger Corriander Garlic Tikka

    Chicken Ginger Corriander Garlic Tikka


    A special chicken tikka added with ginger coriander & garlic to enhance its taste (http://ourfoodfactory.net/shop/tandoori-angara-snacks/chicken-garlic-tikka/).

  • Chicken Malai Tikka

    Chicken Malai Tikka


    Our food factory’s Chicken malai tikka needs no introduction. This creamy, juicy and melt in your mouth appetizer is a favorite and preferred at any Indian gathering. Chicken Malai tikka is nothing but boneless pieces of chicken, immersed in yogurt & cheese and grilled to accomplishment in a tandoor and prepared from fine quality of ingredients and spices.

  • Chicken Nawabi Tangri

    Chicken Nawabi Tangri


    Chicken nawabi tangri – a creamy, mouthwatering, rich, and delicious chicken nawabi tangri now also available at our food factory. Murgh stands for chicken and Nawabi comes from word nawab which is an Arabic term. Chicken Nawabi tangri is Hyderabad-India most famous dish. Throughout Ramzan Nawabi Pulao, Nawabi Chicken, Nawabi Biryani is made quite often in large quantities.

  • Chicken Qalmi Kebab

    Chicken Qalmi Kebab


    Chicken qalmi kebab – a delicious side dish and a popular snack in Indian cuisine now also available in our food factory. It is juicy, mouthwatering, tender and very tasty dish.

    Boneless pieces of chicken are marinated in an aromatic and flavorful Indian spices and grilled to the perfection.

    Treat your family tonight with this juicy and tender qalmi kebab recipe.

  • Chicken Seekh Kebab

    Chicken Seekh Kebab


    Chicken Seekh kebab – the most popular dish of Middle Eastern countries, now also available at our food factory. Its taste is so juicy, mouthwatering and moist. Loved the spices going on this and it is truly yummy which everyone wanted to try for so long. Everyone love the look of it and it just makes them wants to take one and grab a bite of it.

  • Corriander Ginger Chilly Fish Tikka

    Corriander Ginger Chilly Fish Tikka


    Coriander ginger chilly fish tikka – a popular dish of India, now also available at our food factory.


  • Mutton Angara Raan

    Mutton Angara Raan

    5.00 out of 5

    Our food factory providing you a very special dish Mutton Angara raan which is known to be spicy mutton dish prepared of mutton preferably. So here we present the dish with extraordinary taste indeed with the fresh fragrance. Mutton Angara raan vitalizes you crazy with its aroma and the sauces above will be the cherry on the top. One of the most preferred dish for the non-vegetarian lovers as it is yummy and very healthy. So a combo of both the belongings that is taste and health is the best mixture to have. So come and relish the ambience with an excellent food services and the atmosphere of our food factory.

  • Mutton Boti Kebab

    Mutton Boti Kebab


    Our food factory’s mutton boti kebab’s tantalizing taste of moist, melt-in-your mouth. Our mutton kebabs are one of those recipes that are dished out of an expert’s kitchen. It’s amazing and astonishing taste makes it a unique dish and is prepared with a wholesome of fine quality of ingredients and spices.

  • Mutton Seekh Kebab

    Mutton Seekh Kebab


    Our offered Mutton Seekh Kebab is the most popular dish of Middle Eastern countries and is made from minced mutton meat or bakra meat.  The ground spiced goat meat is minced and precast onto the skewers and cooked over tandoors and on hot tawa.

  • Non Vegetarian Platter

    Non Vegetarian Platter


    It is a combination of 5 non veg mouthwatering dishes from Tandoor (depends upon customer’s choice).

  • Paneer Malai Tikka

    Paneer Malai Tikka


    Paneer malai tikka – True to its name, this malai tikka will melt in your mouth and delight your appetite. The fat-laden white gravy of cream and cashews with entire wheat bread mayonnaise results in a healthier form, which you can serve in slices of two pieces. The marination of this dish is made from healthier and gentle spices prepare by food factory by its own.

  • Paneer Tikka

    Paneer Tikka


    Paneer Tikka – a popular north Indian dish now also available in Bareilly with a different variety made by food factory. The dish can be made on stove as well as in tandoor and also can be made in oven.

    If you are not familiar with this: paneer tikka is immersed paneer cubes and veggie pieces and are grilled in tandoor also known as clay oven. So essentially it is called tandoori paneer tikka. But at home we do not have tandoors, so we will be making it without tandoor and also will not have to compromise the taste and quality. You can grill or roast the tikka or you can use the grill pan.

  • Tandoori Aaloo

    Tandoori Aaloo (Veg)


    Our food factory brought out a dish known as tandoori aaloo. Potatoes are always find place in all parties and this tandoori aloo recipe is a delightful starter for a party and can be had as an accompaniment to rice or puloas too.

  • Vegetarian Platter

    Vegetarian Platter


    It is a combination of 5 veg mouthwatering dishes from Tandoor (depends upon customer’s choice)