Frozen Foods are one of the most preferred foods in today’s time owing to the convenience attached with them. We at Our Food Factory & Services Pvt. Ltd. have understood this and have entered into an exclusive collaboration with one of a premier organization that has done intensive research on this category of food products. We have undergone a detailed training program on production of these items and very soon we are going to launch these products.
The frozen foods which we are planning to launch are:
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Patties
Chicken Sausages
Vegetable Engrossed Food items


Our Food Factory & Services Pvt. Ltd. plans to venture into large scale production of recipe spices and market them in organized retail outlets and International markets.
We propose to offer Indian recipe spices of conventional and innovative nature. We have tied up with researchers and professionals and we have our own in house expertise combining these we have developed different formulations of spices like:

1. Magic Masala
2. Biryani Masala
3. Chicken Masala
4. Meat Masala
5. Butter Chicken Masala
6. Kadhai Chicken Masala
7. Nahari Masala
8. Changezi Chicken Masala
9. Banjara Chicken Masala
10. Tawa Chicken Masala
11. Chicken Curry Masala
12. Chicken do Pyaza Masala
13. Chicken Qorma Masala
14. Kali Mirch Chicken Masala
15. Shahi Chicken Masala
16. Chicken Matki Masala
17. Mughlai Chicken Masala
18. Mutton Roghan Josh Masala
19. Mutton Rara Masala
20. Mutton Stew Masala

These are the spices which we intend to launch in first phase of business and after ascertaining market insights we intend to launch more variety.


In later stages of growth we also plan to venture into ready to cook food category and are in process of developing our organizational capabilities to execute this plan