Ready to Cook Foods

Today, Ready to Cook (RTC) food section is emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in the India, in keeping with the frantic lifestyle that people have become to use today. To meet the demand of a large consumer base with a multicultural taste in food, Our Food Factory has launched a wide range of ready-to-cook items in both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian categories of food items. Our Vegetarian collection includes items like Cheese, Corn Bite, Veg Cheese Finger, Aloo Patty, Veg Cutlet, and Aloo Tikki whereas the non-vegetarian items includes Chicken Fingers, Chicken chowmeen, Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Patty and several other vegetarian and non-vegetarian items.

Today due to the busier lifestyle increasing population increasing income of consumers, they are progressively shifting towards RTC food instead of traditional cooking choices. However, in India as well as in other countries the demand for Ready-to-cook (RTC) food products is increasing from the last few years. With considerably rising service opportunities in the country’s urban set-ups, India has been witnessed to be the continuing migration of a large number of people from its rural and urban areas. By keeping in mind the increasing demand of RTC (ready to cook) food in India Our Food Factory started a wide range of food items as already discussed.

According to recently published  research India’s Ready to Cook Food market prediction & Chances, the Ready-to-cook (RTC) food market in India are expected to ride high on account of different types of factors such as increasing & working population and also rising of per capita disposable income. It has been subsequently providing a huge motivation to RTC food products marketing in India, especially over the last six years. The Indian middle class is particularly witnessing a standard shift in their lifestyle and living standards.

Presently, bachelors residing in metropolitans for their academic and employment types of purposes are amongst the major consumers of RTC food products. Due to cultural diversities, Our Food Factory is focusing on launching regional RTC products. Our goal is to drive the penetration of RTC food products availability as easy as possible across major retail chains, hypermarkets and supermarkets in the country.

However, a large portion of Indian consumers still remains untouched with RTC food items due to their lack of confidence on the nourishing or nutritional value of RTC food items and their prices. With small changes in the prices, customers in India change their brand preferences quite rapidly. To offset such type of challenges, Our Food Factory is progressively focusing on introducing high quality of RTC food items at lower prices.