Butter Roti


Butter roti is prepared by using whole wheat flour and can be eaten with any choice of dal, vegetable or curry dish. And now the butter roti is also available at our food factory with a wholesome of good ingredients.


Product Description


• One and half cups whole wheat flour
• One fourth cup melted butter
• One and half teaspoon cumin seeds
• Salt to taste
• Three fourth cup warm water

Method of preparation:

• Blend the flour, cumin seeds and salt in a vessel and knead the dough by adding sufficient amount of warm water to it.
• Cover the dough with damp cloth and keep aside at least half an hour.
• Now add the melted butter in the dough and knead properly.
• Make small-small portions from the dough. Make a hole in each round portion and put some more melted butter inside and seal it.
• Roll these balls a little, put some butter and again roll in the form of rotis.
• Warmth the tawa and cook these rotis by spreading butter on each side. Cook until it is done. Serve hot


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