Chicken Qeema Naan

Chicken Qeema Naan

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The chicken Qeema naan is known to be as mouthwatering and delicious mince stuffing. Try out this dish at our food factory and enjoy hot with your entire family. Qeema Stuffed naan is too delightful to eat and is usually made with chicken inside the naan.


Product Description


• Two cups Flour
• One fourth cup oil
• One tablespoon yeast
• Half teaspoon salt
• Two teaspoon Sugar
• Two tablespoon curd
• Warm Water as per the requirement
• Two tablespoon Butter

Filling ingredients:

• Two hundred grams minced chicken
• One small sized onion
• Two teaspoon Ginger Garlic paste
• Half Red chili powder
• Half teaspoon Salt
• One teaspoon Garam masala
• One fourth teaspoon Turmeric powder
• Three to four Green chilies
• One fourth cup Green Coriander
• Two to three tablespoon Oil
• Half teaspoon Crushed red chili
• Half teaspoon Chopped green Coriander
• One fourth White cumin

Method of preparation:

• For filling warm oil in a pan and fry one sliced onion
• Add two hundred fifty grams minced chicken and two teaspoon of garlic and ginger paste and allow them to fry
• Then add half teaspoon red chili powder, half teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon garam masala, one fourth teaspoon turmeric powder, and half teaspoon crushed red chili and one fourth teaspoon white cumin powder in it.
• When the meat is tender then adds one fourth cup green coriander and three to four chilies.
• Now allow them to cool.
• For making dough take two cups of flour, one tablespoon of instant yeast , half teaspoon salt, two teaspoon sugar, two tablespoon of curd and some amount of water and cover it.
• Make small balls and with help of rolling pin and flattened the balls.
• Fill the Centre with prepared filling combination and make it again in a shape of ball.
• Now, again flattened the balls with help of your hands and cover for specific time and repeat the process for the remaining dough.
• Now fry or bake in the oven at two hundred ten degree.
• At last brush them with butter and dish out. Serve hot.

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