Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan


Garlic Naan is a quintessential Indian bread served in every Indian Eatery, big or small. Garlic Naan is heart-throb of million Indian Cuisine Lovers and now also available at our food factory cuisine.


Product Description


• Maida – two cup plus more for rolling
• Salt to taste
• Yogurt – three tablespoon
• Milk – three fourth cup
• Oil / Ghee / Butter – three tablespoon
• Cooking Soda – three fourth teaspoon
• Garlic – five to ten fat cloves
• Sugar – two tablespoon
• Water as required
• Butter / Ghee for brushing onto the top

Preparation Method:

• Take thick yogurt, milk, baking soda, and sugar. Blend well and set aside for some time.
• Take the garlic in a mixer and puree. Set aside for some time.
• Take flour, salt, garlic, and oil in a vessel and rub with the help of your hands.
• Add in milk, blend and knead it to dough. Let it rest for at least for hour.
• Divide the dough into equal balls. Roll it into rounds.
• Warmth the tawa until it is hot. Wet the top of naan with the water and flip the water down side on hot tawa.
• Reverse it over hot flame and let it cook until you see black spots on naan.
• Brush garlic naan with some ghee or butter. Serve hot.


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