Lacha Paratha


Our food factory’s special Lacha Paratha is a popular Paratha from North India, made from whole wheat flour and also known as paratwala Paratha as in Punjabi parat means layer and layers can be seen on the Paratha when it gets cooked.

This layered Paratha is quite appetizing to look at, and even more fascinating to bite into, because the layers separated by ghee gives a crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth texture.


Product Description


• Two cups wheat flour
• Ghee or oil One to two teaspoon
• Water as required for kneading
• Ghee or oil as required for applying on the dough as well as while roasting
• Salt as required

Preparation method:

• Combine all the dry ingredients for the dough. Add ghee and suitable amount of water in parts. Knead to form smooth dough. Add more water if compulsory for the dough. Cover the dough and keep aside for twenty minutes.
• Take an average sized ball of dough. Roll it into six to seven inches diameter disc on a dusted rolling board.
• Apply ghee or oil generously on the Paratha disc. Sprinkle some flour from the top.
• At the edges start to fold and pleat the Paratha till the end.
• Roll the gathered edges tightly. Join the edges.
• Lightly dust with flour and then roll into round parathas of about four to five inches in diameter.
• Warm the tawa. The tawa should be hot. Place the Paratha on the tawa.
• Turn the Paratha when one side is partly cooked. Apply ghee on this side. Cook for one minute.
• Now turn again the Paratha and apply ghee onto the other side and apply the same procedure.
• Flip again for a couple of times, until the parathas are browned and well-cooked evenly. Press the sides with the spatula however frying the parathas.
• Otherwise, you could also add some ghee on the tawa and then fry the Lacha parathas.
• Serve the Lacha Paratha hot with any Indian dal, chutney or a vegetable curry of your choice.


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