Malai Qofta

Malai Kofta


Malai means the cream and kofta’s are fried dumpling balls. Generally they are made up of mashed potatoes-veggies, with or without grated paneer. Small, round and crispy kofta’s with a gorgeous dry fruit filling are soaked in flavorful gravy to give you the perfect meal. In this malai kofta dish the kofta’s are made with potatoes and paneer. These melts in the mouth and kofta’s are immersed in a creamy, sweet and mildly spiced curry.

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• Four big potatoes, boiled
• Two hundred fifty gram paneer
• Fifty gram maida
• One tablespoon coriander leaves, finely chopped
• Three onions
• One tablespoon ginger garlic paste
• Two tomatoes
• Two hundred ml malai or cream
• Two tablespoon raisins and cashew nuts
• Fifty grams cashew nuts paste
• Half teaspoon turmeric
• Half teaspoon red chilli powder
• Half teaspoon kitchen king masala
• One tablespoon kasuri methi
• Salt to Taste
• One tablespoon sugar


For the kofta’s:

• Keep the boiled potatoes in the fridge for four to six hours as this makes it easy to cook kofta’s.
• Mash the boiled potatoes, paneer, and maida. The blend should not be too hard or too soft. Now add salt, finely chopped coriander leaves and blend well.
• Cut the raisins and cashew nuts into very small pieces and then add half teaspoon of sugar to the mixture.
• Heat up the oil for deep frying.
• Roll out the balls from the dough you prepared and stuff the dry fruit mixture in the center.
• Fry the kofta’s and if they break’s in hot oil then dust them with dry maida before putting them in.

For the gravy:

• Fry some of the onion, ginger garlic paste and tomato paste.
• Blend the cashew nuts paste with two tablespoon of warm milk and pour it into the paste.
• Except kasuri methi, add all the dry masala into the paste and cook till the oil parts it.
• Add a half cup of water and simmer the gravy till it’s done.
• Add cream/malai, one tablespoon of sugar and kasuri methi. Now malai kofta’s are ready to serve.
• Serve hot.

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