Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma


Chicken Shawarma is the most popular Middle Eastern chicken dish and is incredibly aromatic and now available at food factory. The marinade is very quick to prepare and the chicken can be frozen in the marinade, and then defrosted prior to cooking. It is best cooked on the outdoor grill because the char grilled flavor enhances the flavor but it is still really delightful when cooked on the stove. Serve with a simple salad and flatbread lie out on a large platter and let your guests make their own wraps.


Product Description


• One kilogram chicken thigh fillets, skinless and boneless (six pieces approximately one hundred fifty gram each)


• One large garlic clove, minced
• One tablespoon ground coriander or as per to taste
• One tablespoon ground cumin
• One tablespoon ground cardamom
• One teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
• Two teaspoon smoked paprika
• Two teaspoon salt or as per the requirement

Black pepper

• Two table spoon lemon juice
• Three tablespoon oil or as per the requirement
• Yoghurt Sauce
• One cup Greek yoghurt
• One clove garlic, crushed
• One teaspoon cumin
• Squeeze of lemon juice
• Salt and pepper


• Combine the marinade components in a big bowl
• Add the chicken in the marinade components and use your hands to make sure that each piece is covered with masala
• Immerse overnight or up to twenty four hours
• Syndicate the Yoghurt Sauce components in a bowl and blend it well. Cover and put in the refrigerator until required
• Make the Salad.
• Heat the grill medium flame. You should not need to grease it because the marinade already has oil in it and also thigh fillets carries fat. But in case if you are concerned then grease your grill.
• Place the chicken on grill and cook the first side for four to five minutes until nicely overcooked, then turn and cook the other sides for three to four minutes because the 2nd side takes less time.
• Now remove chicken from the grill and cover lightly with foil. Set aside to rest for five to six minutes.
To Serve
• Slice the chicken and stack onto platter together with Salad, flatbreads, and the Yoghurt Sauce.

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