Mutton galawati kebab

Mutton Galawati Kebab


Mutton Galawati Kebab is a traditional Awadhi dish and is very popular in Lucknow and now also available at our food factory. The word or Galawati states melt in the mouth. According to an old saying Galawati Kebab was specially generated for the aging Asaf-ud-daulah, who had weak teeth but he was a meat lover. This dish is made up of minced mutton meat and hence does not require chewing.


Product Description


• One kilogram Mutton keema
• Four tablespoon Unripe papaya paste
• One teaspoon Yellow chilli powder
• Three teaspoon Onion paste
• Two tablespoon Ginger-garlic paste
• One teaspoon Cardamom powder
• Half teaspoon Garam masala powder
• Half teaspoon Mace powder
• One teaspoon Coriander powder
• Salt as per taste
• Two tablespoon of gram powder
• Three tablespoon oil

Method of preparation:

• Wash the mutton keema accurately with water.
• Now marinate the keema with the unripe papaya paste, ginger-garlic paste, onion paste, garam masala powder, coriander powder, yellow chilli powder, mace powder, gram powder, cardamom powder, and salt and keep it in the fridge at least for an hour.
• After one hour, take out the keema blend out of the fridge and make average sized tikkis out of the combination.
• Now heat the oil in a pan and fry the tikkis on very low heat for fifteen to twenty minutes on each side.
• Make sure that the keema is cooked well and both sides of the kebab turn into golden brown in color.
• Once the kebabs are faultlessly cooked, transfer them to a serving dish and serve hot.

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